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Summary of defect check inspection

  • Our Services include Premier Defects Inspection for commercial and home owners of new and resale properties to identify defects, submit defects list to rectify within defects liability period.
  • For our Defects Check service, we provide professional and meticulous defects inspection for new and resale HDB, Condos and ECs, landed properties & commercial properties in Singapore.
  • Our home inspection covers 3 main aspects mainly Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical.

Defects Checking Standards include

  • Finishing
  • Joints and Gap
  • Functionality
  • Accessories Defects                               
  • Alignment & Evenness
  • Crack, Material & Damages
  • Roughness
  • Hollowness/ Delamination

Why is it not advisable to conduct defect check by owners themselves?

Unless owners are relevantly experienced enough, it is not advisable to have defects check by new owner  who are not aware of how defects are identified, process of joint inspection and of course final inspection whereby defects are supposed to be rectified to an acceptable standard according to CONQUAS Assessment.

Below are reasons why engaging a qualified defect inspector is better.

  • Defect inspection can be quite a tedious job, it may take long hours to identify the defects even with an experienced personnel.
  • Major defects that are not identified and rectified early may result with issues and problems in the near future besides saving repair cost.
  • Defect inspectors have the right equipment to identify defects in a proper and systematic way. Defects identified are marked out in addition with summary of defects reports. Based on our experience, we are able to communicate and negotiate with the developers to get defects rectification done.
  • In most cases, common defects which can be major that are supposed to be done by developers are not identified or pointed out by owners, which resulted in not getting the defects rectified at all.
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